Hand Pressure and Trigger Pistol Training Plans

Following the last two training plans (9 ring hold and hardcore holds), this new pistol plans by Philippe focus on trigger execution and hand holding pressure on the grip.

How I’ve Removed My Attention From the Trigger (Automatic Pistol Trigger Technique)

Thanks to re-reading coach Santiago’s pistol training plans and instructions I’ve finally managed to remove conscience from the trigger when releasing the shot so that now I can focus solely on the front sight. It is surprisingly simple. This is what you have to do.

Timing and Quality of Trigger Release (Pistol Training Program)

This week I’m starting a new training program focused on the timing and quality of the trigger release. The dartboard exercises are tweaked but staying: my shoulder, hold and grip have improved with the increased physical demand…


As promised, here’s the complement to today’s home programme. Next up: 2 days of journals, a couple SCATT files, holds… What do you want to get?

Pistol Stability and Trigger Training Program by Daniel Goberville

After my first training session with Olympic coach Daniel Goberville, he sent me this training program to improve my weaker points: Stability, arm tone and trigger release. He has given me permission to share it with the world with some words of caution: this program has been made for me taking into consideration what he thinks I should focus on right now based on our session and what we talked.