Pistol Stability and Trigger Training Program by Daniel Goberville

After my first training session with Olympic coach Daniel Goberville, he sent me this training program to improve my weaker points: Stability, arm tone and trigger release. He has given me permission to share it with the world with some words of caution: this program has been made for me taking into consideration what he thinks I should focus on right now based on our session and what we talked.

We have upped my training to six days a week, three at home and three at the range.

Stability, Arm Tone / Wrist Lock

At home three days a week in 15 to 20 minute sessions. Focus on sight alignment when raising and holding in a reduced aiming zone. Use a circle in a wall, when you get better reduce the circle or get farther away from it. No dry firing.

I use the target height and size calculator to print the right size target and pin it at the right height.

In the past I used these Rink grips dry training targets. I had them printed for different distances and glued a bunch of them on a piece of cardboard.

Trigger release

At the range three days a week. Learn how to do the decreasing & steady pressure trigger releases. Focus on the trigger!

  • 20 shots on the back plate (no target)
  • 20 shots with a target without bringing it back or checking the results in the screen (cover it or turn it off). You can check after 10 shots.
  • 20 shots checking the result of each shot. Focus on the trigger release, not on getting points. You only want to work on the release while staying in the zone thanks to your stability training. If you were using a SCATT, it would be about the green yarn ball.
  • Shoot 15 nines (tens count as nines too) and write down how many shots it took you to get there. Again, you only want to augment the pressure keeping the ball of yarn.
  • Finish with a contract of doing 45 and 46 points in five shots. You can try maximum four times total for both.
  • Competition with someone at the range. The best score of each shot gets a point, first one to 12 points wins.

If possible add a SCATT training session to visualize the quality of the trigger release (yellow and blue lines)

To me this looks like a good continuation on my first air pistol training program that I got in the fall.

I would love to learn about your training programs, and all the people reading this post would too. Please share them in the comments.

All my trainings with Daniel Goberville are here.

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  1. For Stability, Arm Tonus / Wrist Lock – how long one should stay in aiming zone. How long should be rest period between raisings?

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