IRS Cup 2022 Debrief

The three days of competition at the IRS Cup 2022 are over with great results for me: bronze medal on the first day and finals after every qualification stage (4th on the second day, 7th in the final of the best men and women of the three days). I dreaded the competition in the weeks prior, but ended up enjoying it. This is how I managed to do it.

Motivation Is Back

Finally, my motivation is back 🙂 I’m training and competing with a lighter heart that looks forward to the challenge ahead.

Motivation Struggle

I’m struggling with motivation to train and I cannot really pinpoint a single thing that is driving this lack of motivation for shooting. I barely ever get to train at home and when I go to the range I cut it short and don’t enjoy it as much.

Disappointment and Acceptance

Contrary to what you see in the picture, the last few days have not been happy. My performance at the French national air pistol competition was very disappointing and it has taken me five days to accept the team medal and believe in that smile.

A Week of Progress Validation

Last week has been great with multiple personal bests. A lot of pieces have fallen into place and I saw progress in the three competitions I shot. This is what I’ve learned.

First Pistol Competitions of 2022

After a well deserved winter break getting some sun and good vibes in Madrid, training got serious quickly with an MOP session on January 3rd and the regional Picardie championships on January 7th. Full throttle as soon as I got back!

RIAC 2021 Evaluation

I am always looking forward competing at RIAC, a three day air pistol and rifle competition organized by Luxembourg’s sport shooting federation. These competitions offer a great opportunity to learn as you challenge yourself at different times of the day on the same event for three days, with the pressure of competition and surrounded by great air pistol shooters. This is what changed since the last progress report and during the competition, plus how to work on my biggest issue at each of the matches.

Two Natural Points of Aim?

With all the work I’ve been doing these past weeks on my stance and shooting shoes I’ve come to the realization that I have two natural points of aim…

How I’ve Removed My Attention From the Trigger (Automatic Pistol Trigger Technique)

Thanks to re-reading coach Santiago’s pistol training plans and instructions I’ve finally managed to remove conscience from the trigger when releasing the shot so that now I can focus solely on the front sight. It is surprisingly simple. This is what you have to do.