Pistol Holds to Improve Balance and Strength

A couple of trainers I’ve had recommended doing long pistol holds to improve my balance and strength (mainly shoulder, arm and inner core). On top of this I’ve found that the holds are helpful to build more awareness of your body and sensations. Through experimentation I’ve gotten to a combination of feet positioning that: Makes […]


As promised, here’s the complement to today’s home programme https://www.olympicpistol.com/pistol-home-training-programme-for-wrist-lock-sight-alignment-and-balance/ Next up: 2 days of journals, a couple SCATT files, holds…What do you want to get?

Pistol Home Training Programme for Wrist Lock, Sight Alignment and Balance

These are the exercises I’m doing every morning to start my training day.The post explaining the range exercises that you see in the journals is coming up next 🙂