Top Target System Electronic Target Review

I discovered the Top Target System electronic targets thanks to one of my patrons, Emmanuel Poichotte, who has one at home and thought it would be interesting to talk about this little known French target manufacturer and add it to our list of electronic target reviews. This is a great target to consider if you […]

Online Pistol Shooting Competitions

With the Coronavirus crisis there’s a renewed interest in pistol postal matches and new forms of online competitions are coming up. I’ve collected a few links with the help of readers that I hope are helpful for you to participate and share with other shooters. A lot are for air pistol (AP) only, which is […]

Psicología deportiva aplicada al tiro olímpico

Presentación de Héctor Montalvo Angulo (entrenador nacional nivel 1 de pistola olímpica). Hay mucho que aprender y que poner en práctica (¡vienen muchos ejercicios!). Merece la pena leer esta presentación, tomar notas y ponerse manos a la obra.

The Perfect SCATT

The team at SCATT is doing great work lately reaching out via their forum. One of the things they are asking for is to have feedback from the users with feature suggestions. Based on that and on my comparison of the SCATT Expert and Professional software (where my preferences are also stated), I’ve prepared a […]

Sandrine Goberville: “mettre le plomb au milieu, peu importe comment”

Sandrine est un championne française du pistolet qui en plus de ses entraînements et son travail assure la direction de la ASTIR Creil comme présidente (impressionnant…). Elle fais parti des Goberville, une famille très soudé et passionnée pour le tir dont on à déjà interviewé son père Daniel et sa sœur Céline. Vous pouvez suivre […]

Florian Fouquet: se recentrer sur soi et ses sensations

Florian est un super tireur français avec une curiosité d’ingénieur. Il a déjà gagné une coupe du monde de pistolet sport en junior. Dans cette interview il partage sincèrement pas mal des aspects techniques et mentales de sa façon de tirer. À lire et à suivre sur Instagram. Quand et comment avez-vous commencé le […]

Lynda Kiejko: Stop Judgement & Carry On

Lynda is a Canadian pistol shooter in the national Olympic team for the second time who has won three medals in the Pan American games. She is one of the top pistol shooters in her country and manages to do so while parenting and working. Respect! There’s gold in her answers, so keep reading and […]

Volunteers! Welcome & Thanks :)

You’ve all read my thanks previously on the social media accounts and emails of Olympic Pistol, but it was about time I dedicated a post to publicly thank and highlight the work of the very first two volunteers of the Olympic Pistol website. Their contributions mean a world to me and help me keep going. […]

Inband Air Electronic Target Review

During these times of hardship with the coronavirus lock downs and the ranges closed, a lot of shooters are looking into setting up ranges at home to keep on practicing and also to complement the opening days of their clubs in order to be able to train when they can independently of opening hours. Most […]

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