Mental Training Program for Sport Shooters: Paul Hugues’ 4R Method Review

I’m a lucky shooter. Thanks to my constant search for knowledge to improve my shooting skills I discovered Paul Hughes on Instagram. His posts spoke to my shooting mind that wanted to improve its own mental game. Paul kindly let me into his course as soon as he launched it and I’ve never looked back (DISCOUNT INCLUDED).

Disappointment and Acceptance

Contrary to what you see in the picture, the last few days have not been happy. My performance at the French national air pistol competition was very disappointing and it has taken me five days to accept the team medal and believe in that smile.

Interview with Paul Hughes, Sport Shooting Psychologist

Paul Hughes is a brilliant mental coach that I got to meet thanks to his posts on Instagram. Luckily, I got to be part of the first cohort of his course and it was totally worth it 🙂 My mental game has improved a lot and the tools he provided (review of the course coming …