Florian Fouquet: Focus On Yourself and Your Sensations

Florian is a great French pistol shooter with the curiosity of an engineer., who’s already won the sport pistol World Cup as a junior. In this interview he shares a lot of technical and mental aspects of his shooting. Learn from him and follow his Instagram for more. https://youtu.be/ZrbKzQ2BAGk If you understand French you may …

Sport Psychology Applied to Sport Shooting

Hector Montalvo Angulo is a Spanish level 1 national pistol coach that I met thanks to an invitation to participate in an online competition via WhatsApp during the first COVID lockdown. Among the many things that were shared in that group was this conference he gave at the olympic shooting federation of Valentia (Real Federación Valenciana de Tiro Olímpico). As soon as I started reading it I thought that it had to be published and Hector immediately gave permission.

Sauer Easy Top Pistol Shooting Shoes Review

Thanks to the initiative of David Maryakhin from Sport Shooting Depot, Sauer agreed to send me their Easy Top shoes for pistol shooters to review. I’ve wanted to test Sauer shoes for a long while (they are one of the legendary brands) and now I had the opportunity to do so thanks to both of …

Shooting Trainer SCATT MX-W2 User Guide Online Manual

This online version of the SCATT MX-W2 and Expert manual is published with permission from SCATT. I hope that this online version will make it easier to read and find solutions in mobile devices and searches. Download the latest version of their manuals here. Whenever you see text in italics it means that I’ve added …

10m Air Target Range Construction Book Review and Giveaway

I love practical books (I’ve written three manuals myself and a target shooting journal) and when I saw Graham sharing his book on social media I immediately contacted him to get a hold on a copy and write a review. Why? Because I could see the potential for helping out sport shooters around the world and make it easier to bring in more people to practice and love sport shooting through having a lot of inexpensive and easy to build and maintain air pistol and rifle ranges. Graham has delivered.

Sandrine Goberville: “Put the Pellet in the Center, No Matter How”

Sandrine is a French pistol champion who on top of her training and her job is also the President of the ASTIR Creil, a beautiful range in France where I also train. She is part of the renowned Goberville, a very close family with a passion for shooting (I’ve already interviewd her father and coach …

SCATT MX-W2 Wireless & Android SCATT Expert Review

A review and guide to SCATT’s MX-W2 Wi-Fi sensor and their new SCATT expert mobile app for Android and iOS.

Pistol Shooting Sequence / Routine / Process Examples

This post contains a collection of pistol shot processes (aka shooting sequence, routine, ritual, etc.) in the hope they can be helpful to other pistol shooters. It started with my own routines and their changes throughout time. It also has examples by other pistol shooters and coaches.

Kevin Venta: “Pull the Trigger Slowly in the Last Moment, When Your Aim Is Still”

Kevin Venta is one of the shooters that I’ve found thanks to social media (there are a lot of shooters on Instagram!). Originally Slovenian, he is now member of the German national team and has managed to fulfill two of his shooting dreams. He’s had an impressive progress since he started pistol shooting (six months …