RIAC 2021 Evaluation

I am always looking forward competing at RIAC, a three day air pistol and rifle competition organized by Luxembourg’s sport shooting federation. These competitions offer a great opportunity to learn as you challenge yourself at different times of the day on the same event for three days, with the pressure of competition and surrounded by great air pistol shooters. This is what changed since the last progress report and during the competition, plus how to work on my biggest issue at each of the matches.

Pistol Grip Customization in Brussels by Sander Nooij (September 5/9 2018)

Event cancelled due to unforeseen personal reasons. Working on rescheduling (probably for november) A unique short time opportunity is coming for all shooters willing to come to Brussels to have their Olympic pistol grips customized for their hands. I’ve convinced Sander Nooij (Dutch pistol champion and master woodworker) to come to Brussels and spend a …