Journaling, building habits, and setting training and practice objectives

It’s been a while since the last update on how I’m progressing. This is what has changed and improved since then.

Hip & Stance Insight

Last Thursday, when I was dry firing at home, I decided to try something new. My balance and stand had been bugging me for a while and I decided to find a new stance, with a different arm angle, that would be more stable. The day after I proved the change right during an online competition 🙂

Progress and Regress

Another week and another competition to test my current performance. There’s both good and bad. This is what I’ve learned.

First Competition After 2nd COVID19 Lockdown

At last. After many months of waiting I got to go to a range to participate in a competition. In this post I detail the highlights, results, and training insight leading up to the competition.

Execution of the Pistol Less Vacation Training Plan

Vacation is over and I’m back to training with my pistol 🙂 I’m very happy with the amount of physical training I manage to do during the two weeks I was away with my family. As you can see in the tracking table below, I got to do a lot and I feel great physically. As the days went by I could tell I was in better shape and had to hold myself not to push it too far.

Vacation Pistol-Less Training Plan & Progress Report

It is time to take a short summer break with my family and to charge up for the coming school year. There will be competitions (finally!) as soon as I get back, so I want to keep in as good shape as possible while travelling without a pistol. This is what I plan to do:

Balance Experiment Results

Going back to basics and reexamining aspects of my technique that were long integrated is proving successful. After discovering when and why I cant my pistol sights, I now know the best way to balance my stance and the optimal slope of my current shooting shoes. Plus, I have also learned about my trigger shoe position.

When & Why I Cant My Pistol Sights

In the last weeks of training I’ve been focusing a lot on body sensations and doing basic technique review, going element by element. One of the things I’ve noticed is exactly when and why I cant my pistol sights: this happens when …

Changes, Shape, and Attitude

A lot of changes and improvements in the last couple weeks, namely about wrist lock, trigger execution, stamina and strength, and mental attitude. What I’ve done is…