Kevin Venta: “pull the trigger slowly in the last moment, when your aim is still”

Kevin Venta is one of the shooters that I’ve found thanks to social media (there are a lot of shooters on Instagram!). Originally Slovenian, he is now member of the German national team and has managed to fulfill two of his shooting dreams. He’s had an impressive progress since he started pistol shooting (six months […]

Alan Goldberg (Dr G): “What We Focus on Is the Central Skill in Developing Mental Toughness”

Alan Goldberg (aka Dr G) is a sports psychology coach that shares a lot of helpful tips and resources through his YouTube and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). He has a lot of experience in multiple sports, including target athletes like us pistol shooters, and a didactic passion that transcends his videos and texts. […]

SCATT Database: Upload, Visualize, Analyze, Compare and Share SCATT files

Some time ago I stumbled into the launch of a website to upload, visualize, analyze, compare and share SCATT files… and I loved it. The site displays the information in a helpful and easy to grasp way, and the wheel of the mouse zooms easily on the different parts of the interactive online file viewer. […]

Artem Chernousov: “Always Think a Lot”

Artem is the current nº 1 in the ISSF 10m Air Pistol world ranking. He’s impacted me a lot since I first saw him shoot a final. His calmness and focus are impressive. I have to admit that I spend time just looking at his aiming eye, how still it is, and the focus it […]

Antoaneta Kostadinova (Boneva): Banish Negative Thoughts and Focus on the Sequence

Antoaneta Kostadinova (Boneva) is a top international Bulgarian shooter with 15 World Cup medals in 10 and 25m pistol under her belt and with an unconventional style: right handed, left dominant eye, closes the right eye every shot. She’s already been in two Olympic Games and is working on her dream of becoming an Olympic […]

Sandrine Goberville: “mettre le plomb au milieu, peu importe comment”

Sandrine est un championne française du pistolet qui en plus de ses entraînements et son travail assure la direction de la ASTIR Creil comme présidente (impressionnant…). Elle fais parti des Goberville, une famille très soudé et passionnée pour le tir dont on à déjà interviewé son père Daniel et sa sœur Céline. Vous pouvez suivre […]

Florian Fouquet: se recentrer sur soi et ses sensations

Florian est un super tireur français avec une curiosité d’ingénieur. Il a déjà gagné une coupe du monde de pistolet sport en junior. Dans cette interview il partage sincèrement pas mal des aspects techniques et mentales de sa façon de tirer. À lire et à suivre sur Instagram. Quand et comment avez-vous commencé le […]

Lynda Kiejko: Stop Judgement & Carry On

Lynda is a Canadian pistol shooter in the national Olympic team for the second time who has won three medals in the Pan American games. She is one of the top pistol shooters in her country and manages to do so while parenting and working. Respect! There’s gold in her answers, so keep reading and […]

Dina Aspandiyarova: “Each shooter must have goals”

Goals… Each shooter must have goals. Then it is easy to stay motivated.