Proposals for ISSF Pistol Dress Code Concept

The ISSF has launched a public consultation to define the new dressing code for shooting sports to be applied starting on 2021. This is our chance to help define what happens instead of just bickering about whatever is decided.

Review: cibles électroniques Sport Quantum pour pistolets et carabines à air comprimé

Une nouvelle cible électronique pour le tir à air à 10m (pistolet et carabine). Elle n’utilise pas du papier et a un très bon interface pour les utilisateurs.

Universal Air Pistol Sighting Adjustments Cheatsheet

Sighting click instructions to correct elevation and windage for Feinwerkbau, Hammerli, Matchguns, Gehmann, Morini, Pardini, Steyr, Tesro and Walther air pistols.

Rifle and Pistol Target Calculator For Reduced Distances (Height & Size)

Calculate target size and height online or download the target size and height calculator When I train at home I can never have the right distances to set my targets, so I end up shooting much shorter distances. This generates two problems: The angle of my arm is not right, and the size of the …

Sport Quantum Air Pistol & Rifle Electronic Target Review

A new electronic target for 10 m pistol & rifle shooting that does not use paper and has a great user interface.

Broken Steyr Pistol Blues Play the video to have the proper soundtrack to the post (just the guitar, I can’t understand what he says) 🙂  If you follow the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Olympic Pistol you know my troubles: my Steyr pistol is broken. The worst of it is that it is broken because of a check-up …

Shooting Glasses Paradise in Belgium: Optiek Van Gorp

After a lot of searching through the internet and in Belgium, I found my thrill at Optiek Van Gorp, where I could see and try shooting glasses from all major manufacturers (Knobloch, Pilla, Champion, Jäggi Nova, MEC). I ended up buying …

Pistol Grip Customization in Brussels by Sander Nooij (September 5/9 2018)

Event cancelled due to unforeseen personal reasons. Working on rescheduling (probably for november) A unique short time opportunity is coming for all shooters willing to come to Brussels to have their Olympic pistol grips customized for their hands. I’ve convinced Sander Nooij (Dutch pistol champion and master woodworker) to come to Brussels and spend a …


DO NOT TRUST YOUR GUN TO REFLEX SHOOTING >> They broke my air gun while doing a yearly checkup. They charged me €65 for “greasing the o rings” but my gun is no longer working. They do not own their mistake, fix it or reimburse. In fact they won’t even send the tax bill for …