Lynda Kiejko: Stop Judgement & Carry On

Lynda is a Canadian pistol shooter in the national Olympic team for the second time who has won three medals in the Pan American games. She is one of the top pistol shooters in her country and manages to do so while parenting and working. Respect! There’s gold in her answers, so keep reading and […]

Céline Goberville: “Sé creativo con el tiro”

Céline ha sido una de las principales tiradoras de habla francesa que admiro. De hecho, ¡admiro a toda su familia!, pero comenzó con ella. Me siento impresionado con su capacidad de lucha, cuando las cosas empiezan a ir mal, ella se fortalece y de alguna manera, logra treparse a lo más alto. Tendrías que ver […]

Céline Goberville: “Be Creative With Your Shooting”

Céline has been one of the main French speaking shooters I look up to. In fact I look up to her whole family! But it started with her. I’m impressed with her fighting capacity, how when things start bad she toughens up and manages to climb to the top. You have to see her face […]