Dina Aspandiyarova: “Each shooter must have goals”

Goals… Each shooter must have goals. Then it is easy to stay motivated.

Coach Jelena Arunovic: “a non motivated coach is never a good option”

Jelena Arunovic is one of these unspoken secrets that everyone talks about. Her name just keeps on coming up. She’s the sister and coach of Zorana Arunovic (who says she picked up shooting because of her), and both coaches and shooters keep mentioning her name.

Coach Daniel Goberville: “The quality of the trigger release matters most”

This is the first coach interview from the perspective of a pistol shooter on olympicpistol.com. We are starting with my current coach, Daniel Goberville, who was the fastest to answer of all the pistol coaches in the directory. That’s one of the qualities of his coaching, he gets back quickly, but for me what really …