Proposals for ISSF Pistol Dress Code Concept

The ISSF has launched a public consultation to define the new dressing code for shooting sports to be applied starting on 2021. This is our chance to help define what happens instead of just bickering about whatever is decided.

Below you will find the email I sent. You should send your thoughts and proposals based on the slides of their presentation:

The email to send your proposals is:  [email protected]

My email: Proposals for dress code concept

Dear sir or madam, 

Thanks for opening the shaping of the dress code to public participation
I understand that the ISSF as a sports organization has certain priorities and views, and so do I as a pistol shooter and spectator. 

These are my proposals for pistol shooters: 

  • I don’t think there should be a ban on any kind of fabric or shape. As long as the shooters are comfortable and what they wear does not hinder their performance they should be able to wear what they want (as long as they are not performance enhancers, like it is stated in the ISSF rules).
  • There should not be a limit to creativity and to the use of colors. The three color limit may conflict with the flag colors the shooters carry on their uniforms. 
  • The ISSF is taking big strikes towards gender equality (thank you!): 
    • Skirts for women should be optional and the ISSF should make sure that no woman is imposed wearing a skirt.
    • If men want to wear a skirt they should be able to do so. 
    • Both men and women should have the same dress items (flare trousers are only available for women in your presentation). 
  • Sleeveless shirts should be allowed. 
  • Sock, hat, glasses, ear muffs and plugs, and other miscellaneous equipment choices should be free so that the athlete has an avenue for self expression and promotion. 
  • None of the rules should designate where the pockets are to be. This is very personal and can have an impact on performance. 
  • Undershirts should follow the same guidelines as leggings.

I hope you find these proposals helpful. I will publish them in my blog in the hope that more people will make submissions (I already shared your post through social media).

Kind regards,

Ramon Suarez / Olympic Pistol
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  1. Was there any follow up to the proposal? Were the recommendations adopted?

    1. I have not seen anything coming out yet, but with what we are going through with Covid it would make sense for this to be relegated for later while more pressing issues are taken care of.

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