My Pistol Shooting Sequence

My new coach has told me to read my ISSF pistol shooting sequence for 15 shots in every training, so I have updated the one I had written following the advice of my previous coach. There are no big changes in the sequence itself, but changes in how I see it now.

  1. Start looking in front of me.
  2. Inhale and towards the end turn head and look at top of target.
  3. While exhaling, raise gun to ready (directly, without adapting). Check that grip is good.
  4. Check balance.
  5. While inhaling, raise gun to a bit over the black of the target.
  6. While exhaling, check that sights are good but looking at target.
  7. Check balance.
  8. Smaller inhale.
  9. Lower arm slowly while exhaling.
  10. Stop at aiming zone. At the same time stop exhaling, change focus to top of front sight, reach trigger stop.
  11. When stability starts to be acquired launch shot release.
  12. After shot is released follow up for a few seconds.
  13. Lower gun

I keep it in a Google Keep note so that I can read it in my phone, but I’ve found that reading it in a piece of paper is more helpful.

What’s yours like?

Update 11/01/2019: Here’s the routine by Statis’tir shared via Twitter:

2 thoughts on “My Pistol Shooting Sequence

  1. Thanks for this Ramon. Not a lot of useful information like this to be found online. I love the final point of Statis’tir’s sequence.

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