Artem Chernousov: “Always Think a Lot”

Artem is the current nº 1 in the ISSF 10m Air Pistol world ranking. He’s impacted me a lot since I first saw him shoot a final. His calmness and focus are impressive. I have to admit that I spend time just looking at his aiming eye, how still it is, and the focus it […]

João Costa: “Just Shoot Real Bullets and Real Pellets”

João Costa has always been one of the pistol shooters that I look up to. Mostly because of his demeanor and technique (I do admire all shooters I see though) and partly because of my age, which makes me dream of competing at a higher level at his… This is the first interview of the […]

Zorana Arunović: “Work your weakest spots”

Yesterday it was Abhishek Verma, today it is Zorana Arunović that answers. Isn’t this a great start for this series of pistol shooter interviews? 🙂 Zorana Arunović is the current number 1 in the ISSF 10m female pistol ranking. She’s a great pistol shooter and has a personality that brings a lot of joy to […]

Abhishek Verma: “Stay Positive”

Today is a great day. A new series of interviews to great pistol shooters is starting, and we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn more from Abhishek Verma, one of the great Indian shooters that are taking hold of the podiums (#2 in the ISSF world ranking for 10m Air Pistol at […]