New! Shooting Sports Coach Directory

To help other sport shooters (and myself!) find coaches to train with, I’ve created a Shooting Sports Coach Directory that already has over 20 entries of coaches from basic to Olympic level around the world.

Coaches can add themselves here.

My original idea was to make it Pistol only (after all that’s my sport) but after some requests from coaches and fans I’ve opened to all shooting sports. It includes different events and disciplines (contact me if you want any other included beyond pistol, rifle and shotgun), as well as mental and physical training for sport shooters.

I know how frustrating it is not to find anybody around you that can help with your training. I can only imagine what it feels like for coaches that struggle to manage to have enough athletes to have a satisfying professional experience and make a living.

I hope this helps raise our practice levels and make it easier to bring more people into our sports and competitions.

Support Olympic pistol and get full access to the trainings I get from my coaches.

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