Add a Shooting Sports Coach to the Directory

If you are a shooting sports coach, add your information via the form below to be added to the Directory of Shooting Sports Coaches.

If your disciplines are not included, use the ‘Other’ option to include them and send them to me so that I can include them in the list.

When you fill in the information remember that the shooters looking for coaches don’t know you: make it easy for them to understand why it would be great for them to work with you.

After your submission you will receive an email with your answers. You should be able to use that email to update your data afterwards. If not possible, send me the information to update (don’t make me think! Specific instructions on where to put what).

It may take a while for me to review the listings and approve them, but usually not more than a day. If you think I’ve forgotten about you, please check your spam for an email from me asking for clarifications and contact me.