Abhishek Verma: “Stay Positive”

Today is a great day. A new series of interviews to great pistol shooters is starting, and we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn more from Abhishek Verma, one of the great Indian shooters that are taking hold of the podiums (#2 in the ISSF world ranking for 10m Air Pistol at […]

Pistol Shooting Warm Up by the French Shooting Federation

The French Shooting Federation publishes great resources for shooters in French, among which is this warm up routine that I do before each session. This is just a translation of the exercises in this great poster. All credit goes to FFTIR! By the way, the two shooters in these pictures are French champions Mathilde Lamolle […]

Dedicating 2020 to Pistol Shooting

Yes, you read right. I’ve decided to take a year off to dedicate myself fully to pistol shooting: to train and compete more, and to produce more useful resources to pistol shooters around the world. And you can help! Not long after I started shooting pistol and discovered my love for it, I started getting […]

Conversation Starter: Fight Hate Not Sport Shooters #FHNS

To promote shooting sports and direct public and private conversations to more helpful subjects and dynamics, I’ve launched the Fight Hate Not Sport Shooters initiative. To make it easier to start conversations and to spread the message, I’ve started by launching t-shirts and other merchandising, plus a series of videos and posts that will be […]

The brand new Shooting Journal is Available!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that my target shooting journal for pistol and rifle sport shooters is available as a PDF on Gumroad and as a printed paperback on Amazon. More information here 🙂 I hope I will be able to create more useful content like this in the future with […]

Broken Steyr Pistol Blues

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCyccZp_vx0 Play the video to have the proper soundtrack to the post (just the guitar, I can’t understand what he says) 🙂  If you follow the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Olympic Pistol you know my troubles: my Steyr pistol is broken. The worst of it is that it is broken because of a check-up […]