About Olympic Pistol

What is Olympic Pistol About?

Olympic Pistol is about pistol training and learning: technical, mental and physical preparation for the ISSF pistol disciplines.

Why Did I Create Olympic Pistol?

I’m new to pistol shooting and I love the sport, but I’m having trouble finding help and sources to train. The sport pistol sport has a great community always willing to give a tip, but very few people and resources are available to those that want to train (like me) and not just shoot.

Who is Olympic Pistol For?

Every pistol shooter that wants to improve their precision and speed shooting skills and share their progress and techniques.

Who Are You?

Ramon Suarez, a Spaniard living in Brussels. You can find me on Twitter @ramonsuarez

Published by ramonsuarez

Pistol shooter practicing mostly the Olympic & ISSF events, learning and sharing along the way. #10mairpistol #25mpistol #50mpistol #rfp #rapidfirepistol #issfpistol #olympicpistol

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  1. Sir,
    I, like you am relatively new to precision pistol, but I am hooked. I recently picked up a copy of your Target Shooting Journal — Great, but for more formal training than I will probably ever do.

    My current interest is in Air Pistol Rapid Fire. Obviously not an Olympic event, but one that the ISSF has at least thought of in the past. Can you help me find out what was proposed by the ISSF (probably in about 1990) and what kind of events now exist for AP-RF?

    I have an Aeron B96, which I find to be wonderful fun to shoot, many times more accurate than I, and a great tool for trying to follow your “RFP 101”, but I am kind of stuck on where to go next. I am open to any suggestions you might have.

    1. Hi Bruce.

      You have to check the ISSF rules and what your national federation and clubs are organizing.

      Here in Belgium there are two rapid fire pistol disciplines at province, region and national levels: 5 shots in one target in 10 seconds, and 5 targets in 8 seconds. Not many people participate though, but it is fun. I did in my first year of shooting and made it to the nationals for the first discipline (clearly not many people shooting it).

      If you can’t find competitions in your area, organize them yourself! 🙂

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