Highlights of The Inner Game of Tennis: The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

This book is not exactly about shooting but it is great for our mental preparation, with plenty of insight that is directly translatable to pistol shooting.

My favorite quotes from the book are: 

  • Experience precedes technical knowledge.
  • Language is not the action, and at best can only hint at the subtlety and complexity contained. 
  • No teacher is greater than one’s own experience. 
  • Focus means keeping the mind now & here. 
  • Most effective way to deepen concentration is to focus on something subtle. 
  • Natural focus occurs when the mind is interested. 
  • Let go of need for validation.

It is a great read. You can buy it on Amazon (affiliate link) or in a library near you.

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PS: Are you interested in the highlights of the books I read? I could eventually share here all the highlights from my ebooks. Let me know in the comments together with the books you are more interested in 🙂

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