Setting Up the Olympic Pistol Blog for Training and Learning

Today is the day! After a while of thinking about it, I’ve decided to launch the Olympic Pistol website to help others like me who love bullseye shooting and want to improve through training.

I’m no master. I started shooting on April 30 2017. I’ve shot enough to develop and addiction for precision pistol shooting, and to want to improve myself a lot more.

Since I started shooting I’ve gotten a lot of good tips from the members of my shooting range in Brussels: La defense. Special thanks for their kindness and help to Rene, Jean-Luc, Philippe, Marc, Andrea, Denis and many others that share their experience and knowledge with me.

The problem that I’ve encountered is that it is really hard to find somebody to help me train and also to find good sources to make your own training program.

To help those that find themselves wanting to train and improve, I’m going to share here what I learn. Some of the training help will come from readings, some from my experience, some from other shooters…

What matters to me is to improve my shooting and to help other pistols shooters train.

Looking forward to a lot of great shooting sensations and scores!

Published by ramonsuarez

Pistol shooter practicing mostly the Olympic & ISSF events, learning and sharing along the way. #10mairpistol #25mpistol #50mpistol #rfp #rapidfirepistol #issfpistol #olympicpistol

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