4 Trigger Trainings for a Better Scatt “Yarn Ball”

Four pistol trigger trainings to improve your hold and trigger release so that you make a tighter SCATT “yarn ball”.

Training Notes (With Aurore & Daniel Goberville): Trigger Apocalypse

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Inner Core Pilates Training for Pistol Shooter Improved Balance

Aurore Goberville gave me this programme as the first thing to work on to improve my pistol balance at the range (on top of the cardio exercises and holds I’m doing as part of my physical training).

Trigger Home Training Dry Fire Programme

While my SCATT is being checked by their support service, Daniel Goberville has sent me a pistol trigger focused dry fire programme to do at home with my pistol


As promised, here’s the complement to today’s home programme https://www.olympicpistol.com/pistol-home-training-programme-for-wrist-lock-sight-alignment-and-balance/ Next up: 2 days of journals, a couple SCATT files, holds…What do you want to get? Related: SCATT MX-W2 Wireless & Android SCATT Expert Review Experimenting Towards a New Pistol Training Plan SCATT Database: Upload, Visualize, Analyze, Compare and Share SCATT files Dry Fire and Holds …

Pistol Home Training Programme for Wrist Lock, Sight Alignment and Balance

These are the exercises I’m doing every morning to start my training day.The post explaining the range exercises that you see in the journals is coming up next 🙂  Related: Pistol Home Training Exercises and Tools (to Beat Coronavirus Isolation and Beyond) Alan Goldberg (Dr G): “What We Focus on Is the Central Skill in …

Pistol Grip Fitting / Making Tips & Notes

These are the notes and tips that I’ve found helpful for pistol grip fitting and making, that I hope will help you fit or make your perfect pistol grip.