My First Pistol Cheat Sheets

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about how to train my technique and mind for pistol shooting. My notes are a bit too extensive and it is difficult to refer to them in training to make sure that I act upon a few points beyond the goals of my training session.

This is my first cheat sheet:

It includes a couple notes and exercises from the book “The Psyche of the Shot” and general reminders from my latest readings and exercises.

My second cheat sheet was born out of my competition last Saturday: I did not know how many clicks I had to do to set the pistol for the sighting shots when changing from precision to duel, and I also got the direction wrong:

I’m going to use this cheat sheet Wednesday or Friday to test the club’s .22lr guns and write a final cheat sheet with my recommended clicks for each weapon (I use a Hammerli 280 and an old Walter GSP).

What are your favorite pistol cheat sheets? What kind of papers and reminders to you like to carry with you to training?

Sport Pistol Is Now Olympic Pistol

A few days after creating this blog, I started having doubts about its name. I had originally called it Sport Pistol to highlight the sport part of the sport of pistol shooting, hoping that it would encompass all the disciplines I’m interested in. I then noticed that this was also the name of a single discipline and that it could be confusing.

With a lot of good domains that would have fit the philosophy of this site already taken, I’ve settled for Olympic Pistol. It does not encompass all the disciplines I like- it is namely missing free pistol- but I think it is generic enough to understand that we are talking about precision and rapid fire disciplines, mostly ISSF.

Thanks to Nikki Holmes for helping me solve my English shooting language issue!