Zip file with plenty of SCATT example files

I downloaded all the file examples from the SCATT official website and also from the amazing site (too bad I don’t speak Russian, praise technology for making translation so easy!). 

Here’s a single compressed zip file to make it much easier for you 🙂 

When you unzip the folders in your SCATT Catalogue folder you will see all the files organized by discipline and shooter once you open your SCATT software (free download here) and click on “Open document”. 

Enjoy and don’t get discouraged by the masters!

PS: Somehow the attachment is not uploading to Patreon. Download the file here

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Pistol shooter practicing mostly the Olympic & ISSF disciplines, learning and sharing along the way. #10mairpistol #25mpistol #50mpistol #rfp #rapidfirepistol #issfpistol #olympicpistol

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